Lake View Terrace Improvement Association works to preserve and Improve the Community’s Quality of Life, shaping the future of our children by preserving and bringing awareness of the last Equestrian community in the San Fernando Valley.

Josie Zarate

Josie Zarate

LVTIA President

My name is Josie Zarate, LVTIA president, my husband Roy and Roy Jr. moved to Lake View Terrace in December of 1985. We were looking for the perfect community for our son to group up. Lake View Terrace looked like a paradise on earth, the open spaces, the beauty of horses, ranches, peacocks and rabbits running wild in our neighborhood was incredible.

Within a few months Phyllis Hines worked her magic to recruit me for to the Lake View Terrace Improvement Association, 29 years later and the rest is history.

LVTIA has a team of volunteers that worked many hours to raise money for our events, we have partnered with sister’s communities to break the barriers, extend a helping hand to anyone that needs help and wants to participate.

We were able to keep our community’s beauty and open space thru many battles fought in court and out of court. Our volunteers are known in all the surrounding communities in Los Angeles County and other counties.

Phyllis Hines always said “People are welcome to our corner of the world “our paradise” but, if you try to destroy it you are not welcome here!”

I have serve in the LVTIA board in various capacities and always with the same goal in mind, work with the local schools, L.V.T. Library, L.V.T. Recreation Center and other entities to shape the leaders of tomorrow “our children”. Please join us in this adventure, every event is history in the making.

Ramona Lopez

Ramona Lopez

LVTIA Board Member

Hi I am Ramona Lopez,
I am a single mother of 6 children. I am very involved in my children’s education as well as a participant in many school and community events. I am a Board Member of Lake View Terrace Improvement Association (LVTIA), active member of the Lake View Terrace Swap Meet, Beautifying Our Communities (BOC), and am also a committee member of Lakeview Terrace (NAC) organization located at Fenton Charter School.

I have volunteered in my community for 20 plus years. Most of my volunteer and community work has been done at Pacoima Charter School. I currently hold the position of Treasurer on our schools PLAC committee. I also volunteer at SEIU-UHW and am very active with Charter Schools (CCSA) programs and events. My efforts are to continue to work closely with the City Of Lakeview Terrace and our community school officials to increase awareness and volunteer my help to improve school programs and to support our community.