Straight from Zee’s heart Co-owner of Ranch Side Café

Lake View Terrace is not just an equestrian area – it is also a beautiful place to raise kids and animals. My sister and I came to this area in the mid nineties. When we first moved out here there was not much going on. From looking around and talking to people we saw that there was a need for a cleaner – so we opened Z & W Cleaner that you might remember.  Now it’s called Mustang Cleaner and is right next to our cafe.

I love this beautiful area and having my restaurant here makes me so proud to be a part of this community!
LVT is a very supportive community where everybody is close and  knows each other’s business.

Our restaurant is just not a diner. It’s the kind of cafe where you can come for breakfast and have lunch,  or come for lunch and have breakfast, and always find friendly service. We work very hard with our brother and our staff to create a family owned restaurant that’s also a gathering place for the community.

Now we are the only place in the Valley that serves Ethiopian food so in one more way we contribute to the wonderful diversity that is Lake View Terrace.

With Sunland/Tujunga to the east and Pacoima and Sylmar to the west, LVT has become an amazing and multifaceted part of Los Angeles.  We are glad to be here!

In addition to this message, Zee goes L.A. Dining

Connie L.V.T. Library Manager, with the help of our main library sponsored  L.A. Dining, Zee was selected to bring FREE food to the library on Saturday August 22, 2015.  Ethiopian was the choice of food to everybody’s amaze.  Even Zee went back to the restaurant and made corn dogs and other children appetizers to make sure we had food for all.

Again to everyone’s amaze, most of the children requested to eat Ethiopian vegetables such as, beets, cabbage, garbanzo paste, and collard greens  and the ingara bread.  Josie made burritos with all of the above and kids came back for seconds and adults as well.  It was a delightful afternoon making history in Lake View Terrace.